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All of our featured products have been hand selected by our team to ensure each delivers on style, quality and affordability. The team personally wear & test everything we list on our site.

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We're able to keep costs low because we source directly from an international manufacturing network for delivery right to your door. This means shipping times can range from four days to three weeks. All US shipping if free. Please be sure to check individual product shipping times.

Hand selected pieces

Wide Selection, fair price

The modern gentry shouldn’t be slave to trends or passing fashions, neither should they have to pay over the odds to look good. Unique pieces costing less can look equally prestige!

Wide Selection, low price

Edan Henwick was born

Nothing epitomises style like small detail. Gentlemen's accessories provide individuality; an understated refinement for any outfit. Investing in well-made pieces doesn't need to cost the earth. It was from this thinking this store was built.

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